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Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission

Welcome to Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission

Board of Directors

Ms. Yvonne Triesman President


Yvonne is a born Guyanese who      immigrated to Canada in 1969.  She attended Western on a part-time basis where she majored in Psychology.  She also worked at Western and retired in 2014 after 45 years in the health care field.  She is the Founder and President of Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CanGO).

Dr. Ralph Ruby - Vice President


Ralph obtained his MD degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1963. He received his training in the specialty of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery from the same institution as well as the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. He practiced the specialty of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario from 1970 to 2012.  He’s currently retired from clinical practice but remains a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at Western.  

Dr. Clare Mitchell - Medical Director


Clare is a Developmental Paediatrician in London, Ontario. She is an Associate Professor at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University and is actively involved in medical education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her clinical focus is the assessment of children and adolescents with developmental delays and/or mental health problems especially those with complex neurodevelopmental disorders such as Tourette Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Mitchell joined the CanGO team in 2014 and remains grateful for the opportunity to work with such a skilled, dedicated and compassionate group of professionals.

Ms. Chandra Chunilall - Treasurer


Chandra was born and raised in Port Mourant, Guyana. She immigrated to England when she was 18 to further her studies in nursing. She later moved to London, Ontario, where she continues to work as a nurse at the London Health Sciences Centre.  She says that "serving others medically, is rewarding, as I get to see the change in the health of individuals and families"

Ms. Karen Archer - Secretary


  Karen was born in Toronto but currently lives in Woodstock. After 27 years of service, she retired from General Motors as a clerical group leader in 2005.  In addition to being the Secretary of CanGO, Karen assists her husband, Winston, with the organization of CanGO’s Golf Tournament fundraiser each summer. 

Mr. Conrad Joseph - Member-at-large


Conrad is a born Guyanese who immigrated to Canada in 1971. He was employed by General Motors Canada, and has been retired since 2000. Conrad is one of the founding members of CanGO, and is currently Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors.

2018 Mission Team

Dr. David Alsobrook


David is a Family Physician from Vermont, U.S.A. with experience in emergency medicine and sleep medicine.  He has been a member of the CanGO team since 2016.  He retired from practice in 2018 but plans to continue to participate as a team member of CanGO.

Mr. Sharir Chan


Sharir is the Chief Operating Officer of the Guyana Medical Relief (GMR), an organization with whom CanGO has a very successful partnership.  Sharir is an integral part of CanGO's team and actively participates with the mission each year.

Ms. Paula Folkeard


Paula is an Audiologist and Senior Research Associate at Western University in London, Ontario.  Prior to her moving to the university, she was a Clinical Audiologist for more than 15 years.  This was her first mission to Guyana.

Ms. Kesharie Courtman


Kesharie is currently a Community Health Worker in Guyana (on the Essequibo coast).   In 2017 she joined CanGO and has been an integral part of the team as she is very familiar with patients in Region 2, having worked at the Karawab Health Post in the Upper Pomeroon River.

Dr. Joyce Dobbertin


Joyce is a Family Physician from Vermont, USA.  In addition to family medicine (20 years) she is a chiropractor (30 years) and a Palliative and Hospice Doctor. Her passions are medicine and water skiing. A few years back, Dr. Dobbertin was honored with being named “Physician of the Year” in Vermont.  She also competes in water skiing on the local, regional and national level. 

Mr. Patrick Fung


Mr. Fung is a Guyana based trained Emergency Medical Technician and Echocardiography Technologist. He currently works at Georgetown Public Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. 2017 was his first mission. In his words, he "loves helping people become the best version of themselves".

Dr. Anne Galante


Anne is a Gynaecologist from Vermont. She is currently the only Gynecologist who goes to Guyana with CANGO.  The 2018 mission was her 5th year volunteering with CANGO, enabling Pap Smear and VIA cervical screening for cancer of the cervix, a leading killer of women in many Caribbean countries. 

Ms. Alison Grant


Alison currently resides in Linden, Guyana.  She has been a member of CanGO since 2014.  She is a support worker who is responsible for the dietary needs of the team.

Ms. Judith Harrison


Ms. Paula Holla


Paula is a Paediatric Physiotherapist who specializes in working with children with developmental challenges. She would like to express that it was a privilege to join this dedicated team and to serve the families in Guyana who have children with developmental challenges. She joined the CanGO team in 2017.

Dr. Veronika Jedlovsky


Veronika is board certified in Internal Medicine (Mount Sinai Services, NYC), Pulmonary Medicine (Columbia University Services, NYC), and sleep medicine. She joined the CanGO team in 2016.  She also participated in a trip to Honduras with 'Hands for Honduras'.

Ms. Marleen (Annie) Joseph


Annie is a born Guyanese who immigrated to Canada in 1982. She is one of the founding members of CanGO. She is a support worker who is currently in charge of meal preparation for the team.

Ms. Jillian Johnston


 Jill is the Team Leader for "Days for Girls" London, Ontario.  The team is part of an international organization (daysforgirls.org) of people who sew gorgeous, washable and reusable feminine hygiene kits for girls in the world who need help with menstrual management.  Each kit distributed last October in Guyana represents 180 days of dignity and menstrual health for its recipient.  Jill is very excited by the prospect of continuing to build a relationship with CanGO.

Ms. Jacquie Dobbertin


Jacquie is registered nurse from Honeoye, New York.  She joined the CanGO team in 2018.

Ms. Anne Dworschak-Stokan


  Anne is a speech language pathologist in London, Ontario.  Over the past 29 years she has worked with adults, children and infants.  Areas of specialty include craniofacial/cleft lip and palate, voice, feeding, speech and swallowing. 2018 was the first mission in Guyana with the Developmental Team.  Adventure and helping others are her passions. 

Dr. Timothy MacDonald


Tim is a Family Physician from Strathroy, Ontario.  He joined the CanGO team in 2018.  

Dr. Denise Niemira


Denise is a General Practitioner in Newport, Vermont with 40 years experience in all facets of primary care including women's health and hospice care.  She joined the CanGO team in 2016.  She retired in 2018 but plans to continue with CanGO in future missions.

Dr. Mitra (Mitch) Persaud


Mitch is a Paediatric Allergist and Clinical Immunologist.  He is a born Guyanese who has lived in Saskatoon, Canada for the last 40 years.  He feels fortunate to have connected with CanGO in 2015 and has been on missions every year since then.  He enjoys the work that CanGO is doing in Guyana and feels privileged to be working with such dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers.  

Ms. Nancy Persaud


Nancy is a registered nurse from Saskatoon, Canada who works in an allergy clinic for both adults and children. She has been a member of the CanGO team since 2015 due to her husband’s Guyanese heritage. She was so impressed to see the need for medical care and how grateful the people were for what CanGO could do for them that it inspired her to continue her involvement with the team.  

Ms. Anneke Schroder


Anneke is a community nurse from Woodstock, Canada. She joined the CanGO team in 2016 to meet and work alongside like-minded health care workers while being part of a medical outreach Mission.  

Dr. Lloyd Stoll


Lloyd is a dentist from Pasadina, California.  He's also the Vice-President of Guyana Medical Relief (GMR), an organization with whom CanGO has a very successful partnership.  He was born in the Pomeroon region of Guyana and, since 2017, has been providing dental care to "his people".

Ms. Patricia Stoll


Pat is a dental assistant from Pasadina, California.  She joined the CanGO team with her husband, Lloyd, in 2017.

Dr. Teresa DeSantis


Teresa is an Emergency Medicine physician from Burlington, Canada.  She is also the Investigating Coroner in the region.  She joined the CanGO team in 2018.

Mr. Cyril Bryan


Cyril was born in Guyana and immigrated to Canada in 1966. He is a retired businessman who is now the publisher of the Guyanese Online Blog featuring news from Guyana, as well as the work being done by Guyanese Associations around the world (https://guyaneseonline.net/). His blog has had almost six million hits since its establishment in 2010.  Cyril joined the 2018 CanGO Mission Team to experience the work that's being done in the indigenous villages of the Pomeroon and Moruca Rivers. He will now use the reach of the Guyanese Online Blog to raise funds for CanGO as well as Guyana Medical Relief, one of CanGO's partners.

Ms. Julyann Callender


Julyann is a registered nurse who currently works at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.  She joined the CanGO team in 2018.